Heater repair

we can fix and repair any make or model ac system

Although it may seem that it never really gets cold in the Houston and surrounding areas, we do get a few months out of the year that can get that thermostat plummeting into freezing temperatures.  When your heater decides to give up, give us at call at Majestic Air Conditioning.  We will make sure we get out there in a timely manner and fix it right the first time.


(281) 376-2224


Common Heater Repair Problems

Heating systems fail for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes your heater will tell you that it’s about to fail.  Some of these indicators include not being able to heat your home like it used to, unable to get the temperature up to what is comfortable for you, inconsistent temperatures in different areas of your home, strange or loud noises.  Anytime you feel that your heater unit is not working properly, you should give us a call so that we can send a trained technician to inspect your system.  Many times we can find a problem and fix it before it becomes a major issue or leads to complete system failure.

Our Majestic AC Repair Guarantee

  • We will fix it right the first time
  • We will fix it right or your money back
  • We will provide you with an upfront quote, no surprises
  • We will never suggest any work that is not needed or required

So if your heating system needs repair, please call us at (281) 376-2224.  We will contact you ASAP and schedule a convenient time we can come out and fix your air conditioning system.

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